Feb 012013

The Route 107, 1346

Total Distance 153 km
Breakfast time and a Halal shop here alongside the Rimnum Restaurant N19.90823 E099.20179

35 Baht for a tasty meal

I notice both here and at yesterdays restaurant the crushed chilli has got oil in it too

Another cold cloudy dreary start to the day and I was quite cold by the time I reached the 1346

I have often wondered where the turnoff to the east along the 1346 went to so today I intend to find out

Dirt starts and finishes today at N19.59704 E099.17712

The road splits, I take the left and ride across this bridge

A village at N19.59609 E099.18790

These three on the Wave 110 follow me from the villqage

A few water crossings along here

The track finishes here as it does on the GPS at the river

I follow them back towards the village and they take a turning up to a view point

The sun is finally slowly breaking through at 10.30 and its not so cold anymore

I ride back over the bridge and take the other fork

Thats better, a clear sky now

A village at N19.56737 E099.18701

A village at N19.54703 E099.19697

Less water in the crossings now

A rather large rock in the river bed

It was a mainly dry track to start with but in the shade its still soaking wet

I dont know what this is here at N19.57920 E099.26075

A view from in the grounds

Thankfully I wasnt invited to stay for dinner

These two signs are at the entrance to the place

Pine needles and cones to negotiate now

A further village at N19.58791 E099.25890, here they have solar panels

I guess the mains work too

Thats okay to walk across but not for the bike

I was going to turnaround here

But I could see a track through the trees and decided to ride a bit further on

I have climbed a lot and its beautiful views from up here

Theres no way the KLX will get up there so I park it at N19.61012 E099.26955 at 1539m

This is a steep climb, my legs are aching, my hearts thumping and I am out of breath.
The weight that I have put on over the last month or so is making itself felt today
That days climbing in Umphang in november was easier as I was leaner then

Finally I reach the summit at N19.61102 E099.26582 at 1639m, a climb of exactly 100 metres

The views from the top

The last village I passed through.
I walk back to the KLX then ride back taking a right and hoping it would go north to make a loop but no luck so its back the way I rode here

Before reaching the 107 I take a right onto this newish road to see where it goes to and this takes me back to the 107 further towards Fang

Moo hunglay at the market tonight, a double portion of pork and one of rice for 45 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks Peter

  2. The signs at the govt. building say sth. about water management and flood warning.

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