Feb 072013

The route 107, 1089, 3023

Total distance 103 km

Exploring some more tracks east of town

Dirt starts at N19.95579 E099.30825

Well the hot weather is certainly here in Fang now apart from early in the mornings

I am running parallel with the rutted track I was on yesterday and this one is possibly even worse

Then it turns to single track and has lots of obstacles in the way.
I put a waypoint at N19.96358 E099.37074 and about 500 metres each side of this is single track.
I keep parking the bike and walking down a particularly steep slippery bit as I dont think I would be able to get back up if I need to so I need to be sure I can get out this way.
This entails rather more walking than I would have liked but thats preferable to getting the bike stuck out here

Finally I emerge from the gloom

Theres a village at N19.97205 E099.37822

I reach the paved surface at N19.97929 E099.38142

A bridge casualty here so its a ride through the water

Dirt starts at N19.99127 E099.38715 and here this young lady is sitting in the shade, quite why she needs that coat on a sweltering day like today I really dont know

I dont know what this is here at N19.99882 E099.39883

Another village at N19.99739 E099.40739

These three have their fishing rode with them, the surface returns to paved at N19.99227 E099.38337.
Another short unpaved bit from N19.94653 E099.19961 to N19.93926 E099.20817

Uncle Jacks Hideaway for food tonight at its new location of N19.94975 E099.19701

Accommodation here at the new place, 200 Baht a night for one of those buildings, 100 Baht for a room in the house or 50 Baht for a tent

100 Baht for this enjoyable meal

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out Peter

    Now edited to show the proper ones at N19.95579 E099.30825


  2. Colin,
    The first coords you stated “Dirt starts at N19.91991 E099.21500” is your guest house. Looks like you were a little tired from riding when you copied that. 😉

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