Feb 052013

The Route 107

Total Distance 137 km

The sun is out before 9am this morning which has me worried as the last time that happened there was a thunderstorm just after 1 pm

A short dirt section from N19.76483 E099.16032 to N19.75840 E099.15788 and another even shorter one from N19.73454 E099.18436 to N19.73246 E099.18637

I notice these in one of the villages just off the 107, about 4-5 Baht per litre more expensive than on the highway

A few shots from this twisty unnumbered road

Dirt starts at N19.72269 E099.23698

This goes down nearly to the reservoir then I take another track leading off of it

This track just stops here

In the overgrowth I can just see what looks like a Chinese cemetery

Even when I am almost there its still obscured

Its at N19.70754 E099.22844 in case anyone is interested

A bit more poking around then I return to asphalt at the spot I left it

Dirt starts again at N19.69728 E099.26071

I am on single track when he comes the other way with that lethal bamboo poking forward, not a good idea to have a head on crash with him

I leave the KLX where I can turn it around and walk a bit but the guy with the bamboo said this track goes nowhere so I turn back and ride out the way I came in

Dirt again from N19.73706 E099.25389 and this is the track I had to ride on after that thunderstorm three days ago, its now perfectly dry

I try a couple of tracks heading east and hoping to ride across to the 109 but no luck, they start off showing potential then just turn to single access tracks

The river crossing that I rode through three days ago and the track here is now also dry

On the way back I take another track heading west that is the track from hell, its rutted, rocky, unused and lots of horrible bamboo.
The fan on the KLX spent a lot of time working along this track

I turn around to ride back and a guy has just cut this tree down as I am about to exit the hell track.He obviously shouldnt have done this because as soon as I got the camera out he ran away.
A few loose ends tied up today but no new loops found

Food from the market for 60 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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