Nov 132013

The route 107

Total distance 125 km

Todays dirt was
N19.66191 E099.16048 back to N19.66191 E099.16048
N19.66953 E099.15509 back to N19.66953 E099.15509
N19.67624 E099.15898 back to N19.67624 E099.15898
N19.67624 E099.15898 to N19.67890 E099.15807
N19.68176 E099.15780 back to N19.68176 E099.15780
N19.69558 E099.15485 to N19.70218 E099.15288
N19.69969 E099.15960 to N19.69407 E099.15978
N19.68781 E099.16684 to N19.69306 E099.16238
N19.69143 E099.16196 to N19.69022 E099.16603
N19.68943 E099.16600 back to N19.68943 E099.16600
N19.69940 E099.16190 back to N19.69940 E099.16190
N19.70133 E099.16489 back to N19.70133 E099.16489

Another day of fun mapping new tracks and enjoying good views

My turn to meet shaggy dogs today, but no leg humpers here though, these two wouldnt stop barking

It looks a bit smashed up and deserted here

The steps leading up but no sign of any visitors

The irrigation manager at work

The pleasant aroma of cowshit was very much evident here

Not a happy passenger and it kept trying to get out

Here he comes with his load of wood

Market food tonight, a double portion of stewed pork leg and rice, 50 Baht


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