Jan 092010

The route 1089, 1234, 1338, 1149, 1041, 1290, 1129

Total distance 254 km

I head out of Fang on the 1089 and a bit of a cool start

Starting the ascent towards Doi Mae Salong

On top of the world and such stunning scenery for ages

In Doi Mae Salong and theres something going on here

Lots of strange looking vegetables for sale

Typical, free tea but not coffee, I may be an Englishman but I detest the stuff. I notice that the 7-11 here lives up to its name and that those are the opening times. The Shin Sane Guest House has cheap rooms but when I considered staying here two years ago I was told that there was no internet cafes in town and that Mae Chan was where I would have to go to find it so I never bothered staying. Is that still the case or is Do Mae Salong finally internet connected?

Some nice twistys going out of town

The temperature really drops when the sun is obscured by clouds

I come to a T junction, left is to Thoed Thai but as I need to do a visa run today I decide to give it a miss. I take the right and now the road is the 1234

I take a left onto the 1338

Theres an awful lot of traffic and loads of people at touristy places today, I suddenly realise that its a saturday, hopefully the border crossing wont be too busy

Another left onto the 1149

I stop at the viewpoint at the Thai Army camp

Its blowing a gale here

Some good views into Burma

I ride down to the Burmese Army camp and these very sharp bamboos are everywhere

These are freshly made, perhaps they are expecting an invasion or something

A stack of the older blunt ones, it must be a full time job for someone making them

Another Burmese camp a little further inside Burma

Everything about this Burmese camp is protected by sharp bamboos

Three Burmese come out and start making some more

The descent towards Mae Sai, I go to the border and its quite busy with lots of Thais crossing. I go over to the Burmese side and the rooms packed with Westerners wanting to go into Tachilek, once I say I only want the stamp my passport is quickly stamped in and out and I am on my way back. I took $10 with me which was taken with no complaint, better than 500 Baht I thought. A nice new 90 day visa stamp in my passport and I am on my way

I took the 1041 out of Mae Sai which joins the 1290 and this is a dusty busy road that is being widened and is only pleasant for the last two km before the Golden Triangle. I ride on the Chiang Saen and stop here for a break and some pictures

Plenty of sand being excavated from the Mekong

I ride out of Chiang Saen on the 1129 and a couple of km later I notice a lot of work going on

I stop for a look and I am told its a new port under construction opening in three years time

The 1129 is a pleasant road and I like this bit coming back into view of the Mekong

I stop at the Huaisai Man viewpoint for some photos

Then its a pleasant ride along the Mekong to Chiang Khong

I check in at the Borisut Guest House as usual, my usual room now says AIR/TV 250 Baht on the door but she says 100 Baht, the usual. Theres a TV in the room, not that I would ever watch it but no A/C

Hot water here too

As Tony on the pier has gone back to Italy I will eat here like I usually do when Tony was closed

This sign catches my eye, he never had pizzas here before when I was here

Not a bad pizza, a vegetarian one for 150 Baht, the owner is a very pleasant Finnish guy whose burgers are okay too

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    I hope you had a good trip and thanks for commenting, hopefully the site has some useful information for you


  2. Hello i just rode from fang to chiang khong to re run my visa …hahah but i guessed i took a completely different route

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