Nov 122013

The route 107, 3001, 3023

Total distance 129 km

One of the owners friendly dogs walks into my room as I am getting ready to leave this morning

Breakfast time at a new restaurant at N19.91478 E099.20798.

No name for this restaurant, the owner is from Nakhon Si Thammarat and suggested calling it Southern Food Restaurant as that is what it specialises in

Pre cooked meals but the owner pointed out they are willing to cook anything within reason

Now I like my food spicy but that had my mouth on fire for a while after eating it and I never added any chilli to it myself.
35 Baht for the lot

A gentle ride out avoiding the dusty 107 and enjoying the side roads

Todays dirt was
N19.68292 E099.11037 to N19.69432 E099.13374
N19.66165 E099.16048 to N19.65559 E099.16032
N19.65547 E099.15983 to N19.65249 E099.15915
N19.65195 E099.15704 to N19.65406 E099.15746
N19.65847 E099.16070 to N19.66638 E099.15580 this was single track between N19.65933 E099.15060 and N19.66192 E099.14887
N19.66708 E099.15554 back to N19.66708 E099.15554
N19.67233 E099.15242 back to N19.67233 E099.15242

Potato country

Lovely views again today

The two girls were rather shy

All the oil pumps were working today as I rode past

Sweet pork at the southern food restaurant tonight, not spicy, but nice and 35 Baht


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