Feb 102008

I took the 1089 out of Fang through Tha Ton and stayed on it until the left to Doi Mae Salong the 1234

The 1234 is a good road throughout

They always look better from above dont they

I come to the left turn for Thoed Thai and take it, this road appears unnumbered

Its good that this section is holding up considering the time they spent rebuilding it a few years ago

After Thoed Thai the road becomes the 4032

This sign always makes me laugh, even more so now as two days ago some Thais were asking me where I was going and when I mentioned Thoed Thai they didnt understand where it was. In the end I showed them the map and they pronounced it Tod Thai, I have always pronounced it Toed Thai. Anyway Tod is the Thai word for Fart so perhaps Turd Thai is the best spelling after all

I ride on along the 4032 until the village right at the end then backtrack to Thoed Thai

I take a right onto the 4026 which has now been asphalted a lot further than before and its a good surface too

I was hoping for 30 km of this but unfortunaly its only like this for 13 km

Theres another 1.5 km of this waiting to be surfaced

Then its like this for 5 km before detereorating into a dirt track

I head back towards the 1234 and take a left just after going through Mae Fa Luang, there is a sign saying Mae Fa Luang Police Station at this turning but no road number

The road is a bit shitty to start with then improves but its pot holed here and there

The scenery makes up for the surface though, I come to a T junction and take the left which is the 1138 according to the km marker, I ride along here for a short while then its another left

This roads a lot narrower and unnumbered, after a bit its another left

This is another twisty winding narrow road that eventually has another living person on it at the army checkpoint

I stop here for a break and a look around

I am finally enjoying the descent into Mai Sai and I stop in town to get some refreshment at one of the 7-11s

I take the 1290 to Chiang Saen then its the 1129 to Chiang Khong

I stop at the Huai Sai Man viewpoint to take this photo

Heres the same picture on the 1st november 2007 when I was last here.

Another good trip today, tomorrow its back to Fang but on different roads including some that I havent rode before

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