Feb 022013

The Route 107, 109, 2019, 3259

Total Distance 157 km
Breakfast time at the third of the three Muslim restaurants in town, this unknown one is at N19.89937 E099.20039

Chicken curry and rice 30 Baht, there was a lot of meat in the bowl but I was unimpressed with the texture or flavour.
I then noticed they did the yellow chicken with yellow rice so I will try that tomorrow to see if thats better

A complete change in the weather today, its a bright sunny start and I am enjoying some of the 109s lovely curves here

Before reaching the 118 I take a right onto the 2019 and some photos from along here

Another right onto the 3259 and a paved surface to start with plus some curves

Dirt starts at N19.57717 E099.42761

I pas through a village at N19.60431 E099.38401

I was expecting a hot sunny day today but as the morning goes on it gets cloudier

I reach a village and the fuel hand pump is at N19.62370 E099.36084

I was half expecting some water crossings today but all bridges

Fifteen years old, I wonder if/how many times its needed repairing

Village at N19.64282 E099.34136

A small settlement in the distance and a right takes me to it

At N19.65336 E099.33698

Time to ride back and onwards

Another village at N19.65096 E099.32915

Looking back at the village from on high

Its looking good up here right now and I am hoping for a through trip today

Another village ahead

These people give me the news I wanted to hear, I can get back to Fang this way

The last new village I find today at N19.67740 E099.30450

This time yesterday the sky was clearing but today its looking more like rain is on the way

I stop here where I see this man for my lunch and in the distance I can hear thunder, not what I really need right now.
The track on my GPS has now finished and until I can meet up with one I rode two days ago I am riding blind apart from having a waypoint about three km away to aim for

Along here a flash of lightning really startles me

To my right looks okay

But its coming in from my left

I ride on not knowing if I will reach my waypoint village at the bottom of the steep hill I didnt go down or at the top end of the village where another track came in from the east

I reach this shelter where I join the track at the top of the village just as the rain starts hammering down
At least I know where I am now

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain for probably about 1-1.5 hours I reckon but I am okay under here and stay dry

The annoying thing is the village is only 500 metres down the right fork and as I had plenty of time I planned on riding down the steep hill to see if it emerged at another village to the east but theres no way I am attempting that today

Finally the rain stops and I slowly ride on, I have about 4 or 5 km to reach the bamboo house village and from there its another 2 or so km to reach the paved surface but on level dirt.
Its the last section before the bamboo village that I am a bit concerned about as its steep both down then through the river and up again but as its right at the village help should be there if I need it

Going down the steep bit towards the river wasnt as bad as I thought, the KLX has good engine braking and left at tickover in 1st gear I ride in a rut so I have got both feet on the ground

Back in bamboo village and its brightening up a bit

The bamboo house being constructed two days ago is now nearly finished, just the carpets and air conditioning left to fit now

Inside the new home

Dirt finishes at N1973706 E099.25389, the Chai Prakarn Reservoir

As I ride down and get nearer to the 107 the roads are completely dry with no signs of any of todays rain but as I get on the 107 and start to ride towards Fang the road surface is swimming with water but luckily I have missed the rain.
That was a nice find today and a good fun loop

Dinner from the market for 60 Baht the lot

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