Nov 222008

The route 217, 2173, 2296, 2173, 217, 2396, 2182, 24

Total distance 297km

I took the 217 straight out to the Sirindon Dam

The water level is less than 1 metre below maximum right now

No power being produced today

I ride on along the 217 then take a left onto the 2173 then another left onto the 2296 to see the Pak Moon Dam. This time last year all the gates were fully open but now only half of them are opened a little

Even like this so much turbulance, when I was at the Mekong Moon confluence yesterday it looked like the Moon was flowing really fast, it certainly would if these gates were fully opened

Behind the dam and I have never seen this so full either

I ride back the way I have just come and upon reaching the 217 I turn left and ride to its end a few kms further on, this is it at the edge of the Sirindon lake

I go back about 2km then turn right onto the 2396 to Buntharik

Quite a few rubber trees along here

The 2396 is in the worst state that I have ever known it, quite a lot of potholes in many places, just before Buntharik the road becomes the 2182 and takes me to Det Udom then its the 24 back to Ubon

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