Jan 152010

The route 1168, 1225, unknown, 1257, 1081, 1169

Total distance 178 km

I called in at the Honda shop in town and noticed that their dog has different coloured eyes

It was out of town on the 1168 stopping for a look in at the Huai Haet reservoir

Not much water in it though

The 1168 is always a fun road to ride on with a superb surface

About eight km before Mae Charim I take a left onto the 1225

I take a right onto an unnumbered road that quickly climbs and offers superb views

Ite certainly a twisty road

After a couple of km its a brand new surface

But four km from the 1225 it turns to a bumpy rough track and I return to the 1225 and ride on towards Santisuk

The 1225 is not a bad road with some curves along the way

I take a right onto the 1257 and its bendy right from the start

Not many straight bits along this road

As you can see on the left side there is loose gravel, this road needs caution as theres loose gravel in places

A lot of ridge line riding on this road

You cant better the scenery

The surface could do with some work in places then it would be an awesome track

A way along and the surface is newer and much better

Now we are really talking about a great fun road with a superb surface and no loose debris on it

Unfortunately the new surface doesnt extend all the length of it

There are lots of people beating these things on the road, I notice that they all are wearing cloth over their noses and mouths, perhaps whats coming out is poisonous or irritating on the lungs

I take a right which is still the 1257 signposted to Ban Maesanan

Thai kids love their catapults

The road carries on past the village for a couple of km before turning to a dirt track

The 1257 is about to join the 1081, I read on here a while ago someone was asking if the 1257 was worth riding, my answer is yes but judge for yourselves from these photos

I enjoy riding along the 1081 as always

I take the 1081 then the 1169 back to Nan

I tried the Nan Steak House tonight

Spare ribs and fries for 150 Baht, very enjoyable it was too

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