Mar 162010

The route 2074, 202, 2061, 207, 2233, 2199, 229, 2062, 1011, 208, 2237, 2152, 2231, 2023, Hwy 2

Total distance 438 km

A small pizza for 75 Baht from Muang Pizza at the night bazaar for breakfast this morning, not bad too

Then its out of town on the 2074 towards Phutthaisong

A few curves along here but not that many, just before Phutthaisong its a left onto the 202, along here a few km and its a left onto the 2061 which is a horrible pot holed road. At its end I take a right onto the 207 and cross over hwy 2 into Phon

From Phon I take the 2233 which is a more relaxing road but still a lot of traffic everywhere this morning

After a few km I reach the 2199 and turn right onto it and ride to Chonnabot, here I take a left onto the 229 and ride to Mancha Khiri

In Mancha Khiri I take the 2062 to Phra Yuen

In Phra Yuen its a right onto the 1011

At last some bends

This is the bendiest road that I ride today, it finishes at hwy 2 where I turn left onto it then about one km later I take a right onto the 208 and ride along here for about thirty km to Kosum Phisai

Here I take a left onto the 2237 which has a new surface in places and takes me to Chiang Yuen

Here I cross over the 209 and the road is now the 2152, I remember seeing this Buddha before

This road is better than most of todays other ones and takes me to Kranuan

It looks like a tree but is made of concrete

These two friendly youngsters come over asking questions

Past Kranuan I take a left onto the 2231 and this leads to the 2023 where I take the left fork. I ride on to hwy 2 where I turn right and ride to Udon Thani. At 438 km todays was the longest ride for a long time and I had no idea that it was going to be this far, still it was a pleasant days ride

Zaps tonight for the buffet at 120 Baht

Plus of course ice cream

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