Mar 272009

The route 118, 120, Hwy 1, 1021, 1251, 1091

Total distance 302 km

I stopped at Aroon Rai near Thapae gate for breakfast

A Northern pork curry with ginger was enjoyed there

Then it was off up the 118 and a very enjoyable road this is too once past Doi Saket

At Mae Khachan it was a right onto the 120

This is another excellent road thats in perfect condition for its entirety

A new friend, thankfully this one didnt run out in front of me

I stop off for a look at Than Thong waterfall

A nice bit of greenery here, there was a lot more greenery in places along todays ride than I expected to see, it wasnt just fires all the way

Now back to the good bends along here

This picture is actually quite a clear one

At the 120s end I turn left onto hwy 1 for a few km then its a right ontro the 1021, and at Dok Kham Tai ita a right onto the 1251

Another road that always good fun to ride, minimal traffic, good bends and a good surface combine to make it an enjoyable trip

Its getting clearer in the hills now

I reach the T junction with the 1091, turn right onto it and this lovely road takes me into Nan

A nice fire out there

This section of the 1091 that I ride today is about 80 km of just pure brilliance, I remember riding on unmade sections years ago but now its just perfect

Yes I am definitely in Nan province now, I ride into town and check in at the Amazing Guest House as usual

Its a lasagna and garlic bread at Da Darios 262/3 Mahayod Road tonight, 160 Baht in total

No complaints about the food here


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  1. Glad you are finding the site useful Michel

  2. Hi, bonjour,
    I’m Michel, a french retired man (64 y old ) living in Sakhon Nakhon province since nearly seven years.
    I found your site looking for good maps about Thaïland; I don’t ride a motobike but a Mountain Bike and cycle between 1200 and 2.000 km a month;
    U can have have a look on my site, in french, sorry !
    In august 2011 , with a thaï friend we cycle 2,700 km from Phangkhon in Sakhon nakhon province , we went to Bangkok , then to Tak, Chiang mai, Phayao, Nan, Chiang Khan, Nong Khai…
    I like very much your trips and all informations u give.
    Best regards,

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