Jan 062010

The route 108, 1269, 5032, 6033/4021, 5032, 1269, 108

Total distance 162 km

I took the 108 out of town then the 1269 to Samoeng, out of Samoeng along the 5032 for 5.3 km then a right onto the 6033/4021. I give two road numbers as its on the MHS loop map as the 6033 but theres now km markers along it saying the 4021

I rode the other way along this fun road the other day and its a great ride both ways

Stunning scenery up here all the way

Plenty of twisty bends too

I probably saw more onions growing today than anything else

At Mae Tung Ting I take a right towards Pa Lan still on the 4021

Along here a km or so the road is still unmade for 1.5 km

Then its back to tarmac

At Pa Lan I do a right and the road is numbered the 4021 back to the junction with the 5032 where I do a left and ride home the way I came

It was pizza at an eat all you can buffet tonight for 149 Baht

If you want the full buffet its 250 Baht including meat and fish dishes

On Chaiyaphum road next to Pops bike rentals

Spotted on Moonmuang soi 9 at The Local

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