Dec 272009

The route 108, 1269, 5032, 4016, 1013, 108

Total distance 250 km

This trip took place yesterday but couldnt be posted last night due to Photobuckets total non existence

I took the 108 out of town then the 1269 to Samoeng where these lovely bends are from

Going out of Samoeng on the 5032

The road has lots of potholes in places but thankfully not on this paved section

Once up in the hills its stunning scenery time

Loads of good bends along this road

I ride to where the asphalt finishes then turn around, I am hoping that some day it will be asphalt all the way to Pai

At Huai Mana I turn right

Its a very badly potholes asphalt surface to Bo Kaeo then an unmade track for a few km

Finally on asphalt again, theres enough lettuces growing here to make tons of burgers

The road is now numbered as the 4016

Not far along here and I meet three guys from Singapore that are lost, their GPS keeps sending them down dirt tracks when they are trying to get from CNX to Mae Hong Son. I take them to the turning for the back way to Doi Inthanon and give them the road numbers that they need, hopefully they got their before midnight as it was 3pm when I left them. I definitely dont ever want to rely on a GPS, I had lots of information on my GT-Rider MHS loop map that their GPS didnt have and that got them out of the shyte

A nice hairpin and somewhen the road becomes the 1013

This baby elephant came charging over waving its trunk at me and I was worried that it was going to swallow my camera

More good twisties from the 1013

Its Fishenoughs Miguels tonight for the buffet, heres a soft taco

Chicken taquito with chips and salsa

A quesadilla

Burritos, its 250 for as much as you want on a sunday, I wont say how much I ate as either Kevin will bar me from the buffet or there will be a special greedy bastard price for me

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