Jan 152009

The route 108, 1269, 6033, 6021, 4027, 4017, 1096, 107

Total distance 135 km

I took the 108 out of town then the 1269 to Samoeng to explore some more new roads

5 kms after Samoeng I take a right onto the 6033, there are two roads numbered 6033, this is the second one out from Samoeng but the number appears as soon as you turn onto the road unlike the other one

Its a good road this one, hardly any traffic and in good condition

Plenty of twisties along here

Its a nice pleasant temperature up here today

Shame about the haze

I stop at the viewpoint for my break

The road becomes the 6021 just before Ban Nga Mang and its a nice newer piece of tarmac, after a few kms it becomes the 6033 again, puzzling or what

There is this helicopter landing field just before Mae Tung Ting

I ride through Mae Tung Ting and take a right for Ban Mae Pa, this road is the 6021

The tarmac disappears after a couple of kms but its only 1.5 km of unmade then tarmac again for the rest of the way

At Mae Pa I take a left onto a narrow unnumbered concrete road

Its not long before the concrete surface disappears and its then a dusty unsurfaced ride for a few kms

Some building work going on here

Back to tarmac and the road has the number 4027

I reach a t junction and do a left, I am now on the 4017

I take a right at this sign and ride down to a small waterfall

now its back on the 4017

The 4017 meets the 1096, I take a left, ride to the 107 turn right and on to Chiang Mai. Another few new roads under my belt today and a good time as well

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  1. I rode this loop today but in the anti-clockwise direction.  Perfect weather, minimal traffic, and gorgeous scenery.

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