Nov 072013

The route 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031, 3003, Hy11, 2032, 2018, 1147, 2001, 3154, 2033

Total distance 170 km

I noticed this riding along the 2031 the other day so today I sought it out

N18.63236 E099.28258

Great views from up here

Now at the Ta Ku reservoir

A full one

I have rode over there when the water was lower but certainly dont fancy trying it today

Somewhere out there is another unmapped reservoir that I saw on google earth, now to locate it

Todays new dirt/unpaved was
N18.54087 E099.27174 back to N18.54087 E099.27174
N18.53366 E099.25372 to N18.52751 E099.25764
N18.52756 E099.25384 back to N18.52756 E099.25384
N18.52905 E099.24843 back to N18.52905 E099.24843
N18.52951 E099.24633 to N18.53015 E099.24592

That looks like an overflowing dam

I reach it at N18.53662 E099.28692 but cant get onto the dam itself as theres no way over the overflow unless this single track goes all the way around it.

Time for a healthy fruit and salad lunch

Its great out here at this time of year

Along hy11 I stop at the Mae San reservoir

Its nowhere near full

Another spicy chicken and rice dish at Kai Laila tonight

The bike is in for a service and new tyre,chain and sprockets tomorrow so it gets cleaned for 80 Baht at the old disused PTT station just over the Ping River


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