Jan 092009

The route 1001, 1150, 118

Total distance 258 km

I take the 1001 towards Phrao, about 25 km out of town the buildings finish and its a good fun road, plenty of potato fields out here

Its mostly good tarmac

Plenty of curves too

At Phrao I take the 1150 heading east towards Wiang Pa Pao

This road is just a series of bends joined together

I am pleasantly surprised by the lack of debris on the road today

The scenery is also second to none

A bit hazy here but its so fresh up this high, it was hot when I left town but its nice and cool up here

Todays ride is the best that I have ever known this road, theres absolutely no debris or rubbish of any kind on here from Phrao to its junction with the 118. I never even noticed the bike lose traction anywhere so anyone out riding this road just go for it

I dont know what this is all about

Doesnt that just excite you? I ride to the 118 turn right and ride back to Chiang mai

Tonights food was here, its at 46/32 Ratwithi road, about ten shops past the Irish Pub heading west

A nice tasty chicken roganjosh and rice for 150 Baht, I find the food here very good and would recommend it to anyone who likes Indian food

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