Jan 052008
I took the 1001 out of Chiang Mai to Phrao

A mainly good condition road the 1001 is always a pleasant ride

I take the 1323 to the Mae Ngat Dam

The water level is below the bottom of the sluice gates already

I come across my first live snake for a while at the dam

I saved this ones life for sure today, two four wheel drive vehicles were going to squash it but I stood near it waving my arms and they avoided it

As I went to take another photo it just took off and quickly disappeared

The 1323 to Mae Ngat Dam is a decent ride

Now its back on the 1001

Some really nice sections along here

I get to Phrao and take the 1150 heading east to Wiang Pa Pao

This road is just bend after bend

This road is magic in places with a decent surface as well

Stunning scenery plus no traffic, a good combination in my book

Another one of those roads that just has to be ridden

There were one or two places where it was quite wet in the shade but apart from that a good condition road with no pot holes and I didnt notice any loose gravel. I take the 118 back to Chiang Mai and there is road widening going on south of Mae Khachan but not much in the way of disruption

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