Feb 182008

The route 118, 120, 1, 1021, 1251, 1091

I left Cnx and headed out on the 118, a couple of kms after Doi Saket there is a small section of road repairs but then its a brilliant ride until the hot springs. From then on its a real crap ride and I mean crap, right up to Ban San Ti Suk about 4 km before the right turn for the 120 at Mae Khachan. I was literally choking on dust for much of this section, otherwise it was a bad loose gravel section, I definitely would advise you all to avoid this if possible until its sorted out

Once on the 120 I began to enjoy myself again, after a few kms east of Wang Nuea the surface is one long stretch of really good tarmac right to highway 1

Its been about two years since I last rode along this route between Cnx and Nan and now its the best that I have ever known it

Still green everywhere though and only a couple of places where there have been fires

I remember riding along this section before on a dirt road but its brilliant now though

A pure delight

At the junction with highway 1 I turn left and head north for about seven km then its a right at the crossroads onto the 1021 and on to Dok Kham Tai where I turn right onto the 1251

Plenty of twisties along here on the 1251

Todays highest aerial shot

I am not taking so many scenery shots now as its so hazy

Still so green, I wonder what has happened to the fires, have they been postponed this year I wonder

I reach the T junction with the 1091 and turn right and this takes me right into Nan

At Nan I go straight to Amazing guest house and luckily straight into my usual room, the only downside to coming this way to Nan was missing the brilliant 1148 as I usually come down from Chiang Khong

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