Jan 172009

The route 108, unknown, 1009, 108

Total distance 152 km

I tok the 108 to Chomthong and about 1.5 km after the turning for Doi Inthanon there is a small crossroads. I take a right here and ride about 1 km until there is a market in front of me, here you have to turn left or right, I take the right and about 200 metres later theres a sign at a left turn saying Mae Ya Waterfall which I take

Lots of something growing here

A couple of kms later and its a very pleasant road to the waterfall

Notice the plate on the bike, I got it yesterday, I asked about the green book and road tax and was told another month. I pointed out that I am going on a couple of months trip starting tomorrow and possibly wanting to enter Malaysia with the bike and my 90 day receipt would soon be finished so they told me to go back to the shop today to get a receipt and a letter explaining to Police/Immigration that it was in the process of being made. I turned up this afternoon and with a big smile he produced my green book and road tax so its now 100% legal

This is one real lovely road

I can see the waterfall between the trees

This is well worth a visit, the roads brilliant plus a scenic waterfall

Beautiful but freezing cold

I ride back and about four km before Chomthong I take a turn to my left which Davids map shows joining the 1009, its a dirt road but I come across this being built in the middle of nowhere

I am approaching civilization out here

I ride through the village and about 1 km the other side tarmac suddenly appears, I eventually join the 1009, turning right and riding to the 108 and home

Tonight will be my last in Chiang Mai for probably two months so its off for one of my favourite meals tonight

Lasagna is something I never tire of and its really good here, the staff are superb and always remember exactly what I want on my plate and even which condiments to put on the table

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