Jan 072009

The route 108, 1013, unknown, 1284, 1009, 108

Total distance 239 km

I took the 108 heading south west out of town until San Patong, then I took a right onto the 1013

Its good once out in the open

The elephant seemed more interested in eating its passengers bananas rather than walking

Once I climb a lot its quite cold up here

Rubbish dumping is such an eyesore plus those rotting cabbage leaves really did stink

At the top I took the left turn which a few years ago when I last rode along it only went for a few kms in tarmac, its now a badly potholed road but I came across this nice new section and decided to follow it

This is a really good road and its going a lot further than I expected

Finally tarmac runs out but I have travelled a lot further than I thought I would, I was expecting a few kms then a u turn

But this sign makes me carry on

After about 2 or 3 kms of bumpy off road I am back to tarmac

I ride through Ban Khun Wang and realise that I am on the 1284, a road that I had on my list to explore from the Doi Inthanon end but here I am doing it in reverse

If I wanted to rent a bike to do this particular route I would probably choose a 250 enduro as it would be easier on the off road section as standing up on a bike with forward controls is impossible, but the Phantom handled it okay and didnt disgrace itself

The scenery up here is just simply amazing

I pass a barrier that appears to be where you pay to enter but no one even looked interested in stopping me

I am approaching civilisation at last

A nasty hole there with only that useless stick to warn you

Apart from this hole the road is seriously pot holed for a lot of the way and I mean seriously too

The Siri Phum waterfall is a very pleasant sight

Upon reaching the 1009 I turn right and not much further on I take a left at this turning, it soon becomes a very steep road with very sharp bends so I ride straight to the top until I reach a barrier

The barrier

I walk around the barrier and find its still a tarmac road under all the rubbish covering it

To the left its a dirt track

To the right its tarmac, I realise the barrier is only wired up so I undo it and take the right turn, its a potholed road that only goes 2 km then it joined the road that I rode up so its a u turn to ride back to the barrier

Riding away from the barrier and I dont think much traffic uses this road

They are nearly touching here

The road to the right is the potholed one and best avoided

In the top centre you can see one of the Chedis of Doi Inthanon

This short road is brilliant quality all the way and just one long bend

I return to the 1009 and turn left and ride up to the top, this sign is at the Chedis, its a shame that I didnt want a shyte otherwise I would have found out if it was true or not

My second time up here in the last fortnight

I ride back down stopping at this waterfall

I was talking to someone here who visited at the end of the wet season and they said it was so much better, the water was right across the face then

I was actually getting a lot of spray on me whilst getting these pictures

A shot of the scenery as I climb the steps to see a second waterfall

Not so spectacular this one

Looking down

About 10 km further downstream, not a lot of water but a spectacular sight coming over the waterfall, the water is freezing cold as I found out when I put my hand in it.

Todays trip was not my original plan, that was to ride the 1013 then a few kms of off road to get to Bo Kaeo and here to take a left and ride until the asphalt finished then turn around and ride to Samoeng and back to Chiang Mai. Finding the new tarmac road and taking the back way to Doi Inthanon was a first for me and a thoroughly enjoyable trip too. Even in my own backyard of Chiang Mai I am still finding new routes, my job will never get finished

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