Jan 022008
I took the 108 to San Patong then a right onto the 1013 for Mae Wang

The traffic was quite heavy until Mae Wang but then it got quieter

A nice piece of tarmac for quite a few kms

The road is still in mostly good condition right out here in the hills

The cobbled section starts off alright but then gets a bit crappy

It was nice and sunny when I left Chiang Mai but now its cloudy windy and quite cold

Back to tarmac again but the road condition is worse then I have ever known it to be and its like this until the unmade section

The unmade section is only for a few kms and is okay for all vehicles

Part of it has these two concrete strips which are fine

Then its a short section of this

I reach Ban Bo Kaeo and its back to tarmac again

I take a right for Samoeng and after a while its another short section of cobbles, but this is a decent surface here

Then its back on tarmac again for the rest of the journey

I ride up the hill out of Samoeng and take the 1269 back to Chiang Mai

Some seriously sharp hairpins here

It was a very pleasant ride today and any part of the Samoeng loop is always enjoyable

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