Dec 292009

The route 108, 1013, 4016, 1284, 1009, 108

Total distance 213 km

I noticed yesterday afternoon that the recent heavy off road riding that I have been doing lately had taken its toll on the bike. I guess that the Phantom wasnt designed to be ridden heavily laden over countless very rough tracks and the bracket under the rear mudguard had snapped. I took it into the Honda shop this morning but no brackets are in CNX and as its holiday time a wait before one arrives from Bangkok so it had to be welded. It was 10.15am and I was told to come back at 12, I arrived back but the bike wasnt ready until 12.45 as riding it with the broken bracket had broken something else. I was thinking if this was the UK 15000 Baht would be the bill but hopefully it wont be more than 1000 Baht, the bill arrived, 150 Baht fot 2.5 hours labour plus welding, great isnt it

Finally got away just after 1pm so no long trip today, it was the 108 to San Patong then a right onto the 1013

A very pleasant road too along here

Just past Ban Mae Win and the road becomes the 4016 but its still a good fun road

I take a left onto the road that will take me to Doi Inthanon but no number appears at this end, the surface is a bit hit and miss for a few km then gets a lot better

This hairpin is on the new good section

The scenery is fantastic up here

A lovely stretch of road

I am pleased to see that its now asphalt all the way as the dirt section that I rode on last year has now been surfaced

I noticed that in the shade the road was very wet in places but didnt appear to be slippery

Just before I reach the 1009 I take a right to visit the Siriphum Waterfall

From here its the 1009 then the 108 home

A lasagna and garlic bread at Pizza n Pasta tonight, very tasty and only 129 Baht

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