Nov 022012

The route 107 3009 1095 3045 4235 4020

Total distance 168 km

The irrigation canal is rather muddy looking now

Looking fresh and green right now

The always pleasant 3009

At the Mae Taeng river where the irrigation canal starts and the water is flowing over the weir now unlike in march when I was last here

The view upriver


I turn around and on the way back after a couple of km take a right onto an unnumbered road that turns to dirt at N19 09.127 E098 54.099 that goes to a reservoir

Theres a hole in the hedge to get through for a better photo of the reservoir overflow

A dog doing what dogs do

Fishing Thai style

Looks like my bikes about to get the treatment too

More fishing Thai style

I ride back then take a right onto the 4020 to explore a road that goes towards the reservoir from the other side

I take a right onto an unnumbered concrete road that turns to dirt at N19 10.084 E098 51.779

A lovely waterwheel here at a deserted place

Riding on and I encounter elephants, one of the young guides tells me I can ride on back to Chiang Mai this way

I am having my doubts as its now going downhill towards the other side of the reservoir

At least I am not alone if I get stuck

Definitely not the way home, across the water is where I was earlier on

I ride back trying two more turnings to my left but the first one is overgrown and I turn around straightaway and the second one doesnt go far so no luck finding the loop.
Its rather slippery in places and my rear tyre struggles for grip going uphill on the wet surface

On the way back more elephants and the second one gets frightened by my bike which I found amusing considering the size of them

Proof the elephant really did shit itself

A monster too

Food was at Franco Thai tonight for the GT-Rider dinner, a lovely filling chicken breast steak in mushroom sauce with pasta and salad for 179 Baht

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  1. Thanks, its good to get back

  2. Hi Kevin

    No its the same camera but the lens had a smudge on it, Ally cleaned it so the photos should be better now.

    Hope to see you out here again before too long


  3. Welcome back To work. 

  4. Yahoo, our first Slash report after a long break – thanks Colin. Though I won’t be there to ride with you, I will in spirit when I read your ride reports (and turning coffee into piss at the same time) whilst the temperature outside is minus 10 – or colder!

    The focus is off a bit in some of the pictures, do you have a new camera for this go-a-round? 


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