Jan 182009

The route 108, unknown

Total distance 207 km

I took the 108 and just rode until I was past Hot before stopping for scenery shots

A couple of kms out of Hot and a new bridge is being built, was the old one damaged in the wet season?

For now we have to make do with this small one

A good fast current along here

The bikes fully loaded now and off on a two months trip

Theres no problems with this road surface, a good ride today

Each to their own, I prefer land travel to water travel anytime but they looked like they were enjoying themselves

Looking down into Ob Luang canyon

About three kms past the Om Koi turning I take a left onto an unnumbered road, this is a nice twisty well surfaced road

I ride to the village of Wang Kong about four kms later and here the road turns to dirt

Finishing peeling that tamarind is going to keep her busy for a while

Another use for a satellite dish I suppose

Theres some good scenery along this road

I ride back to the 108 and ride into Mae Sarieng checking in at the Riverside guest house which is under yet another new management

Great views here from the restaurant, but now there is no food available here, not that I am bothered I never ate here anyway

The lock up for the bikes is new and always welcome, mind you before the bikes were put inside the building at night which is always better as they cant be seen

I eat two doors along at the Sawaddee restaurant, all this for 200 Baht and afterwards I am stuffed

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