Jan 072008
I took the 108 from Chiang Mai to Mae Sarieng, the usual journey and no road construction to worry about, about 30 km before Mae Sarieng I happened to see on my left a lot of fresh earth up high and something going on at the top. About 50 metres further on was a turning on the left, the 3005, so I decided to explore it

It is not in perfect condition and not really for sports bikes

Ever so green here though

Looks like the makings of a good ride

It looks like a bit of rainy season damage here

Its a bit muddy here, the only mud I see today thats for sure

After 17 km I ride through the village and the right fork ends here

So I go back and take the left fork and the concrete road carries on

But not for too long unfortunately

I ride on a bit further and the road alternates between concrete and dirt, the only problem is you go over the brow of a hill on concrete then it suddenly turns to dirt when you are going too fast, I got caught out but luckily stayed on

The scenery here is really amazing and yet again a virtually traffic free road

It looks as if its only going to be dirt now so I turn around and ride back, this left fork went about 3 km before completely turning to dirt

These two were sitting down but the camera seemed to worry them and they quickly departed

Back to the village that I left about 15 minutes before

A backward glance at the village

Back to the roadworks and not a lot done

Even this narrow road is fun

I guess this is the river that runs to the left of the 107 as you approach Mae Sarieng

On the way back there is a crossroads and to the left I see another village so I go for a look

Just great isnt it

I am now back on the 3005 heading back to the 107, a bit marked the current surface but a new bit ahead though

About 5 km before the 107 I see a lorry coming through the trees to my right and theres another turning there but I am running late so that can be explored another day

A nice twisty here

Its the edge of this football field that I saw from the 107

A view of the 107 standing at the edge of the football field, I am so glad that I took this road today, its not on any of my maps and another gem that I didnt know existed

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