Nov 072012

The Route 108, 1009, 1192, 1088
Total distance 260 km

Just inside the checkpoint on the 1009 and my first water shot of the day, little did I know then just how much I was going to see later on today. There were two cars and a bike with two Thais on in front of me and the gate was just opened for them without them being asked anything and I just rode through too without question, not very efficient there today

The obligatory quick stop at Wachirathan waterfall

The first of two rainbows I see today, this was a pleasant rainbow as I stayed dry after seeing it

Now on the 1192 and while its dry now in the distance its really clouding over and I can hear thunder when I stop for this photo

A bit further on and time to take cover as the rain is just starting

Its pissing down now and stays that way for a good half hour

The 1192 has to be taken carefully now as theres debris all over the place and its going to take a while for that road to dry out

The 1192 is in a bad potholed state towards the Mae Chaem end of it

Now on the dry 1088 heading south

I leave the cattle to guard my bike and walk down to a reservoir

This little reservoir is just under full capacity

Thankfully nothing had been chewed on the bike so off I set

Its looking nice that way, sadly thats behind me and a storm is in my path, I sit some of it out then just ride on as times getting on and I would rather ride in rain in the daylight then just wait here hoping it was going to stop

Lots of muddy brown water now

Finally along the 108 its stops raining and then its a nicer ride to Mae Sarieng on dry roads and as I descend I begin to warm up again

A quick walk around the market in town. I go to the Riverside Guest House only to find it looks completely shut down, a shame as I believe its the original guest house in town so its a stay at the Mae Sarieng Guest House this time

I eat at the Muslim restaurant next to the 7-11 at N18 09.655 E097 56.342 just off the 108 heading into town that just offers these three meals

A nice meal for 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …


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  1. I have done both ways Les and its an enjoyable ride either way


  2. Haved enjoyed seeing your travels around Northern Thailand. I will be doing the MHS loop in January as well as the Chiang Rai area. Which direction would you suggest? Chiang Mai – Mae Sariang – MHS or the reverse? 

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