Jan 012008
Todays trip was not really planned, I overslept and I didnt get out until early afternoon and went to San Kamphaeng to visit friends and afterwards did a short trip. I took the 1006 to Mae On

At Mae On it was a right onto the 1229 signposted for Mae Takhrai National Park

Its nice and twisty here and quickly climbs up into the hills

Down the other side its a T junction, left is the 1230 and I take the 2031 to the right

This road starts off okay and is a reasonable surface with lots of greenery and lots of bends

After a section of new tarmac there is this

Then some new tarmac which is nice

Then it gets quite shitty and stays mainly like this all the way to highway 11, I didnt wake up properly today as I missed the left turn for Khun Tan and after riding the gravelly road to the highway couldnt be bothered to turn back. Unles you have a good reason to ride this road I shouldnt bother until its completely resurfaced as its quite deep gravel for a fair few kms. I have ridden this road quite a few times before and its always been okay, but not today

At the junction with highway 11 I turn left and do the first u-turn then take a left onto the 1033 at Mae Tha, this is at least a good surface just flat thats all

At a crossroads it was a right onto the 116 then highway 11 back to Chiang Mai, not the most exciting trip I have ever undertaken admittedly

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