Dec 282009

The route 1317, 1006, 1229, 1230, 3005, 118

Total distance 152 km

I took the 1317 out of town then a right onto the 1006 towards Mae On

A right onto the 1229

A twisty road but the surface isnt brilliant in places

I take a left onto the 1230

A good wide surface and I dont see another vehicle along it

I reach the unmade section

Perhaps this is another road that will get finished some day

This chap with the bamboos is the first person or vehicle that I have seen since I turned off the 1229

I am certainly high up now

4.5 km later and its back to asphalt

I take a right to ride to Ban Kunta, not sure about the pronounciation but thats the way that its spelt, hopefully these will move to let me pass

Some views from above of the road below

I dont like those stares, I think that I am resented for disturbing their rest

A pleasant twisty road but gravel along it in places

In Ban Kunta

I ride back to the 1230, turn right onto it and not far along I take another right to explore this road for the first time

Its another pleasant road similar to the one to Ban Kunta

Their water tanks are overflowing

Now its a pleasant ride back to the 1230

The 1230 snakes through the trees

I reach a t junction and its a right onto the 3005

Another pleasant road that I have ridden many times over the years, this takes me to the 118 where I turn left and ride home

Pinkys BBQ burger and fries tonight for 170 Baht, delicious

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