Nov 042012

The Route 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031, 3003, Hwy11

Total distance 175km

First stop was for breakfast in Mae On at N18 45.204 E099 14.270

Pleasant eating company

Moo phad kapow, the egg was not asked for but was eaten and 30 Baht for the lot, followed by the oranges, a good healthy start to the day

The chicken didnt seem to find anything

Its looking good out here right now

A new surface for a while along the 2031

I take a left to explore a side road

The surface leaves a lot to be desired

After a couple of km I reach a village

Here the road finishes and its a ride back to the 2031, the gps shows a couple of dirt tracks but they can be explored at a later time when its dried up a bit

Riding further along the 2031 I take a right and the surface turns to dirt at N18 40.867 E099 17.471

Looks like here is the local garbage tip

The dirt track leads to an unknown reservoir

I ride around to the far side

Water flows down here to fill it up but nothing coming in now

I get back to the paved surface then almost immediately take a left and ride to this Temple

Further along the 2031 and its a left onto a side road that leads to a village, I ride through it both left and right until I reach the end of the paved surface then turn back, the dirt can wait for another days adventure

A fruit I do enjoy eating

Further along the 2031 and another left onto a side road

The workers are busy today

I carry on and see that I am approaching where I had been earlier on so soon the road must turn to dirt.
It turns to dirt at N18 39.466 E099 17.884 and about 300 metres later at N18 39.612 E099 17.951 the surface returns to paved at where I turned around before

Back along the 2031 and I spot some bananas, the lady thinks I want the fried ones but its those yellow fresh ones that caught my attention, 10 Baht is handed over for a bunch of them.
I was given a fried one which I ate but I prefer them naturally

I take another left and after a while the surface deteriorates and then is under repair before coming to a concrete section, I ride to the end of the concrete section then its a T junction with dirt going both ways, more to explore at a later date

I ride further along the 2031 then take a right to the Ta Ku reservoir and the road turns to dirt virtually straight away at N18 34.111 E099 15.385

Time to eat again, a not very nice sandwich from the 7-11 with a crispy hot tasty fresh onion that I bought at the market, I eat at least one onion a day as I love the things and apparently they are good for you too, which is a bonus.
Followed by bananas, no I didnt eat all of them and I will get three days out of that bunch.

The overflow and the water level is nowhere near to it

Further on and another left off the 3021

That dog is getting a good cleaning in there

I encounter what I imagined was a funeral procession

But here I was told the top part was being put on, just past here the surface finished so I turned around to explore more paved

The track I am on turns to dirt at N18 32.354 E099 14.820, here I turn left and ride to a weir where this guy is fishing

The lady seems happy enough with what shes got in her bag, I ride back reaching a paved surface at N18 32.302 E099 14.720.
This is a crossroads and I ride straight over, this track turns to dirt at N18 32.276 E099 14.460 it becomes paved again at N18 32.238 E099 14.167.
No more dirt today, a bit more exploring then its time to get home after a days fun riding some unmapped ones that I have been on before plus some new ones for me.

SP Chicken for food tonight at N18 47.711 E098 59.464

What they are famous for, I ate one of these here back in the 90s and quite enjoyed it

I go for the barbecued pork ribs and rice which werent bad and only 80 Baht for the whole meal

Dessert was this fresh pineapple from the market.

Get the gdb file here …

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