Dec 312008

The route 1317, 1006, 1229, 1230, unknown, 1230, 1317

Total Distance 144 km

I took the 1317 out of Cnx then took a right onto the 1006 for Mae On

I stayed on the 1006 through Mae On as I have never rode along here before

Soon I will be the other side of those hills

Its a nice snaky road along the 1006, I ride to its junction with the 1317 then ride back to get on the 1229

I take a left and now its the 1229

Its a nice twisting winding section of road this one is, its only short but very sweet

At the end of the 1229 I take a left onto the 1230

Not much traffic but three western riders came along on 250 dirt bikes but I didnt recognize any of them

This is another winding road

Seven kms later and the tarmac finishes

Beautiful scenery up here

A bit of off road work for me today

Quite a clear view today

Not its natural habitat but it performed perfectly well

A shot from the view pont

Lots of drinking obviously takes place here

Five kms later and its back to tarmac

A couple of aerial shots of what I presume is still the 1230 but no road markers now

I take a right onto an unnumbered road sign posted to Bankhunta

This road is just one long twist from beginning to end

This road is only seven kms long but well worth the ride

I come across this monster Richard III (Cockney rhyming slang for turd)

This puts its size into perspective, glad I didnt run into this one on a dark night

A nice scenery shot here

As I lower the camera its obviously the local tip, shame really as it completely spoils it

I ride through the village and its a happy welcoming friendly place

I was really choking on the fumes from this woman cooking the chillies but it didnt seem to bother any of them

The usual position of the Thai dog

Two new friends here

The end of the road and the village

Plenty of workmen but most seem to be idle as usual

The entrance to the village

A different spelling here

This lot just didnt want to move, I ride back to the 1230 enjoying this narrow road once again

Good fun again on this road

Some hairpins along here

I have only ever rode along here once before and its certainly a road I will frequent more often

There is another turn to my right but its already 16.30 so that can wait till next time

This is another road that doesnt run out of bends

Finally I reach the junction with the 1317 and I turn left to ride home

The 1317 is a good road once away from the crossroads with the 1006

A thoroughly enjoyably ride out today, I didnt get away from Cnx until about 1 pm so I only wanted a short loop and this one was perfect

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  1. found this post again, and on second look it looks like someone took a bite out of that Richard III…..

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