Jan 102009

The route 11, 114, 116, 1033, 4010, 1184, 1274, 5006, hwy 1, 11, 1348, 11

Total distance 409 km

I took highway 11 to just past Lamphun then took a right onto the 114 and less than 1 km later a left onto the 116, I stay on here until I reach a crossroads where its a left onto the 1033, exactly 2 km later its a right onto the 4010, this turning is at a 90 degree left hand corner

I ride along the 4010 for a few kms and stop at a reservoir

Theres quite a few people here today fishing but its quite cold here

Its a pleasant road with good scenery too but somethings gone wrong with the weather, after two nice warm days its cloudy and cold today and I cant help thinking of the warmer clothes in my room, the sun came out briefly twice today and it was then pleasant but it only lasted about ten minutes each time

I reach the 1184 and turn left onto it

A good road this one, especially this twisty section up in the hills

Not much traffic on here

I reach the 1274 and turn left, not long after I see this little fella attempting to cross the road

I get too close to him and he quickly turns around and goes back

Back in the safety of the grass he quickly disappears

The 1274 is a narrower road but with a lot more traffic on it than the 1184

I ride until I reach a crossroads and take a left onto the 5006, I follow this to Ko Kha and here I take hwy 1 to Lampang then its a right onto hwy 11 for a few kms and then I take a left onto the 1348 signposted to Mae Mo and also a lignite mine. The 1348 is a straight boring traffic filled road and i am glad when I reach a turning for the mine

This is a massive open cast lignite mine and this machine is one of a few that I can see working

Theres a few kms of conveyer belts running out here

I am amazed at the amount of vehicles driving down there, easily well over a hundred. Its getting on for 4pm and I dont have much time but I will come back here some other time to see more and to explore more of the roads here as my map shows that one goes to hwy 1 between Lampang and Ngao. Its back along the 1348 then a right onto hwy 11 and back to Chiang Mai

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