Dec 242009

The route 106, 1033, 4010, 1184, 1274, 5006, Hwy 1, Hwy11, 1348, Hwy 1, 1335, Unknown, 1035, 1039, 5017, 2031, 1229, 1317

Total distance 436 km

After my recent long trip of about 11000 km the bike deserved a wash

I left it in their capable hands for thirty minutes and it was clean again, well worth the 50 Baht that it cost

I filled up with fuel and checked the tyre pressures, noting that the rear was low again just a few days after pumping it up I looked and soon found the culprit, the benefits of tubeless tyres means I can still ride it like this. A different kind of dog shyte plug was put in this time, it was grey and the guy put some paste on it first, it works okay and only 70 Baht for the repair

I head to Lamphun then take first the 1033 then a right onto the 4010

A good twisty meandering road

At the reservoir along here I ride on the old road that is now partly submerged

I reach the 1184 and turn left onto it

This is a good well surfaced fun road from start to finish

With lots of good bends along its length

At the t junction I take a left onto the 1274

This is a narrower road thats scenic and twisty

At a crossroads I take a left onto the 5006 and ride to Ko Kha, here I take hwy 1 then hwy 11 towards Den Chai, about five km later I take a left onto the 1348 and ride to Mae Mo

I take a left and this small road goes back to hwy 1

Looking around a section at the lignite mine

I ride along to hwy 1, turn left onto it and about twelve km later take a right onto the 1335. I ride along here for two km then take a left onto an unnumbered road that will take me to the 1035 just outside Lampang

Along this unnumbered road

At the 1035 I turn left onto it and after a while I am on the 1039 heading to Hang Chat, here I take the road to Khun Tan which is numbered halfway along as the 5017

Another great twisty enjoyable road

With tons of bends along it

I ride to the 2031 and turn right, the light is now fading and I dont take any more pictures, at the end of the 2031 its a left onto the 1227 then a left onto the 1317 back to Chiang Mai

A chicken Jalfreizi and rice at the New Delhi Indian restaurant tonight for 150 Baht

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