Jan 142009

The route 1001, Offroad, 118

Total distance 170 km

I took the 1001 out towards Phrao until I reached the km 61 marker

Here it was a right

After about 2 km I ride through Ban Luang Long Kord

My first trip through water today

The heart of Thailands potato fields

Its tarmac for a short way

5 km after turning off the 1001 the tarmac runs out

Unfortunately its loose sand at times, one of my least favourite surfaces

I rode this route on my Honda Wave four years ago and this bridge wasnt here then

I cheat and take the bridge

Its settled down to a mainly compact surface now

The next crossing also has one of these new metal bridges, I remember nearly losing the wave in some of these crossings before so take the bridge again

Civilization here

No electricity out here so its the old fashioned way

I have to get the wheels wet this time

Another new bridge

The first traffic that I have encountered out here

Theres a brief piece of concrete road for about 100 metres, occasionally there is a short concrete section if its a steep hill

A sign in English so I stop

But one of our four legged friends was the only sign of life here

Plenty of huts here but no people

Another small stream to ride through, I counted about twelve times that I crossed water, when I rode the Wave here it must have been earlier in the holiday as the water was deeper then

I guess the local crematorium as this is what I saw in Pong Kwao as the crematorium, I dont suppose theres enough customers out here to build one of those beautiful looking ones that you see all over the country

A few kms later I ride through a small village

It must be rush hour now, theres two vehicles on the road

This small one is not bothered by my close presence at all

Its a bit steep and rutted in places now

Great scenery in places though

I ride into Huai Nam Kun, this is the biggest village by far out here and I stop for a look around

Lots of coffee drying here in this village

Some nice houses here too

A real new one

And right opposite one that looks like its on its last legs

I ride through another small village and its coffee here as well

I stop to give these two a hand, I hold the bike as its facing forward down a hill and I can picture it toppling over

And Shes off down the hill, I keep clear as bamboo is lethal stuff when sharp

She makes it to the village okay, I remember running over my first snake out here four years ago, it was a bit unnerving but I never saw any snakes today

I am approaching the 118 after 37 km of offroad riding and 42 km after leaving the 1001

Heres the exit looking in from the 118 just past the km 54 marker post, this was a good day trip out from Chiang Mai, the Phantom coped perfectly well so any road bike can do it. I reckon this would be an ideal trip for you to do Pikey on your new bike

It was the 118 home then a full breakfast at Mad Dog, I used to always eat the breakfast at the Irish Pub but Mark Rossi has educated me into eating here, at 125 Baht its good value and it completely fills me up

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