Nov 062012

The Route 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031, 4052, 4001, 1287, 1035, 4023, 2044, 4074, 4005, 3005, 118

Total distance 348 km

Spicy breakfast with egg today then its off for a longish ride

Just before the Khuntan train station and I am guessing this is where the landslip left the train line hanging in mid air a few months back

The Huay Nam Pep Waterfall

The km markers and blue signs now say this road is number 2017

At Hang Chat I take a left to ride towards Muang Pan on the smaller back roads

At the top of those hills is my destination later on this afternoon

A few spires are showing, I wont get right to the top but a good way up there by road

Some friendly locals in a village I ride through

The exercise bike doubles as support for the washing line

Kiew Ko Ma reservior

I ride back along the 1035 and take a right onto the 4023 then after a few hundres metres its a left onto this curvy unnumbered road that doesnt appear on either of my GPS maps and was only a dirt track when I rode to the temple in Jan 09

Getting closer although my destination is probably what can be seen on the far right of the photo and the lowest level ones

At the top the road splits and a new concrete section branches off to the right, it doesnt go far and heres where it ends, possibly a place to walk up to the summit if anybody should want to

Could someone translate please

I ride back a bit then take the left fork like I did before and park up at N18 44.942 E099 32.008 to walk a bit here at Wat Chalermprakiat

Its steeper than it looks

Great views from up here, has anybody else visited here as I dont remember anyone writing about it?

The closest I can get to the top is where I am standing

Now time to ride down again

That was there on my last visit

I try a different road on the way out and the surface turns to dirt at N18 44.841 E099 33.074 until N18 44.807 E099 33.607 where it becomes paved again

A good days riding so far but there has been heavy rain at times today in front of me and often the roads were soaking wet.
This was a nuisance riding back over the mountains along the 4074 as it was a bit slippery

A new restaurant for me tonight that has been recommended to me by a few people

N18 47.751 E098 59.070

Outside seating for smokers

Inside for us non smokers

A pulled pork sandwich with potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and caramelized onions, this was a lovely and filling meal and all for only 125 Baht

The corn bread and butter was complimentary and was quite pleasant too

Get the gdb file here …

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  7 Responses to “CNX-Kiew Ko Ma Dam-Wat Chalermprakiat-CNX Loop”

  1. Thanks for the info Ian

  2. The sign says “borigaam phut tho phut tho”.  At the end of that path is a meditation zone, near the summit.

    Borigaam = recite (v) and incantation (n).  Phut tho is a meditation incantation – you chant “phut” as you breath in and “tho” as you breathe out.  It is also used for walking meditation – chant “phut” as your left foot touches the ground, “tho” for your right foot.  It sounds very similar to the Thai word for Buddha, but the spelling is different.

    Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat is the one at the base of the hill.

    Flick me an email if you’d like me to send you some photos of the meditation zone (I cannot post trip reports… yet).


  3. And I was worried is was a ‘no fishing’ sign!

  4. My wife Su tells me the red sign says “Phut tho, phut tho”, “Calm you mind”. Apparently it’s a mantra, phut – breathe in, tho – breathe out.
    Regards, Peter.

  5. Thanks Gareth

  6. The Thai script says ‘arrangement lord buddha’ (with the buddha repeated to mean lots i presume) – love all your trip reports.  If you have any good trips near phitsanulok, I’d like to know because that is where I live and have just started adventuring area on my bike :)



  7. Ah, caught a lot of fish in Kiew Ki ma but I’ve heard it’s closed to fishing. Or at least around the dam, or spillway areas. Anyone fishing?

    Was surprised to not see the 1252 (a personal fav) not included in your route when I read trip report title. Your putting the dirt bike to good use.


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