Nov 092009

The route 108, 1009, 1192, 1263, 4009, 1263, 108

Total distance 316 km

Down the 108 to Chom Thong then a right onto the 1009 up to Doi Inthanon, at the checkpoint I said I am going to Khun Yuam and was instantly waved through, these sunflowers were out along the way

I take a left onto the 1192 to ride to Mae Chaem

Its not often that I ride this way along the 1192 and it makes a nice change

One long bend is this road

A well laden bike, there were four on it in total

Its now the 1263 heading for Khun Yuam

A really winding twisty road and spectacular scenery is what I had to endure today

This route that I took today is my much preferred route from CNX to MHS

It sure is peaceful up here, not much traffic at all

As I ride along I am seeing more and more sunflowers so I decide that I will visit the sunflower fields as they should be out

That was definitely made for a motorbike

I take a right onto the 4009 to see the sunflowers

I dont know what these are but they make a nice picture

Yep theyre out

There were a few Thais on various bikes and we got chatting, they were from Pai and were camping just up the road 1 km away

I ride up to where they were camping and get some more great scenery shots

A real bitsa this one

I ride back to the 1263 turn right and ride to the 108 where I turn right again then its a good fun ride to MHS only stopping once for this photo

MHS has changed, I dont remember these lights or the crossroads last year, I see the KFC as I turn right just past it. There were two Korean style cook your self buffets here before, I fancied that tonight but they have both gone. Apparently there is one a couple of kms back towards Khun Yuam near the Imperial Hotel but I couldnt be bothered trying to find it tonight, perhaps tomorrow

Its a spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread tonight at the Salween, 120 Baht for this lot

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  1. Glad to have been of help, enjoy your trip


  2. Thanks Cap’n just the info I was looking for on this route. Planning a bike trip with my nephew and his buddy next month,wanted an alternative route to MHS via Doi Inthanon.    Cheers!

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