Nov 082008

Total distance 303km

The route 1317, 1229, 2031 unknown, 1039, Hwy 11, 1023, 1125, 1177, 101, 102

I wanted an interesting ride rather than the tedious bore of sitting on Hwy 11 to Lampang running in a small bike so this was my route

The 1225 runs through lots of greenery

Now on the 2031 and its more of the same

Its a reasonable surface mostly but unfortunately the resurfacing has not been completed and when I turned off for Khun Tan there was no sign of any of the unfinished surface even being worked on

Its a pleasure to be out riding right now, you can see a long way and the air is fresh, no smoke yet

The narrow unnumbered road to Khun Tan

This road is in good condition

These things growing by the roadside are pleasing on the eye now but later on even the fires dont seem to destroy their unpleasant thorns

Now 0n the 1023

The rain is approaching, I have come across some wet roads today but the rain had already finished but my luck is running out

About 5km before Si Satchanalai it starts to piss down so shelter was sought

I saw a few bikes go by in this but not me, its nice and dry under here

About 30 minutes later and it was time to carry on, I rode on wet roads for about 6-7 km then they were bone dry the rest of the way.

If anybody wants to know what I think of the Airhawk seat cushion I will just point out that that was the most comfortable journey of 300 km that I have ever rode on a Honda Phantom

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