Nov 062013

The route 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031

Total distance 142 km

A tasty beef curry breakfast at Kai Laila for 40 Baht to start the day off

Along the 1229 I turn into a dirt track which goes round in a short loop
Todays new dirt/unpaved was
N18.74010 E099.25912 to N18.74244 E099.25707 this is single track
N18.71784 E099.29500 back to N18.71784 E099.29500
N18.70864 E099.30219 back to N18.70864 E099.30219
N18.70007 E099.30019 back to N18.70007 E099.30019
N18.69612 E099.30091 to N18.69512 E099.30029 this is single track
N18.67723 E099.29412 to N18.67151 E099.29311

Further along the 1229 I try out this single track

I leave the bike and walk down for a bit then decide to turn back as I would have difficulty getting the bike out by myself if its a dead end

I try out the other end off the 2031 and its now double track with a nice mess right here

Signs of life along here

Around this stream the track seems to disappear and it looks like the stream bed is the track according to the ESRI, but it doesnt look rideable, its too hot to walk it today

On the way back to the 2031 I catch up with this guy

Now on another track and these two tell me I can get back to Chiang Mai this way

I am never alone today and its great scenery again

Lots of dead ends for crop access but one that turned to single track at N18.70928 E099.27728 had me wondering if it did cross over and return to Chiang Mai

I was surprised at how many people had their accommodation out along these tracks considering the short distance from the 2031 and a village, here I am given water

I like the no smoking sign

I am then presented with a cucumber too

Possibly this is the small reservoir I saw on google earth last night, its at N18.69578 E099.29231

Now at an unknown reservoir I found last year

Now on my last new track and even after emerging from the gloomy woods I keep on finding signs of people living here

At the end of the trail

This organic farm is at N18.67905 E099.27793

Time to ride home after discovering more interesting tracks that I didnt know were there

Back to Kai Laila for a lovely chicken Biryani for 40 Baht


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