Nov 062009

The route 107, 5032, 107

Total distance 233 km

First thing this morning it was to get the front brake lever replaced, 115 Baht for a genuine Honda part, another reason to stick with locally made bikes. When I needed replacement levers for the Bm it was the 3000 Baht mark each

After a new lever and oil change it was straight up the 107 to Chiang Dao, apart from a small section of road works the road was in good condition. I take the bypass and then a left onto the 5032 for Chiang Dao cave

About two km along here I score my first road kill of the season, the cat just ran out, fortunately it died instantly. A cardboard box was produced and the cat was placed in it and taken away by the owners. Thats my fourth mishap in four days, tuesday I got the bike back and ran out of petrol in the dark wednesday the bike fell over because of my bad parking in the mountains, yesterday evening I hit the raised kerb around the moat knocking my foot off the footrest. The foot hurt last night and today its hurting in the knee and now the cat, hopefully its not a sign of worse things to come

Finally I get going along this road that I have only ever ridden once before at the end of march, todays ride was so much greener

It was completely green scenery all the way to Muang Khong

At Muang Khong and the dogs are taking it easy

The Kids dont seem too energetic either

The workers toiling in the field as I ride back

I enjoyed todays ride as much as the one in march but with the added bonus of greenery and no fires. It was back to the 107 and home

I tried a new restaurant today, Pinkys Buffalo Wings + Sports Bar. It was 185 Baht for this double burger and fries, two 225gr burgers in this one, a very filling tasty burger it was too, theres lots more different burgers plus other things too on the menu

308 Chang Moi Rd

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