Nov 052013

The route 1317, 5127, 5123, 2034, 1229, 2031

Total distance 183 km

First stop was the Huai Lan reservoir which I thought was very low, was the rainfall exceptionally low this year around Chiang Mai?

Look how far down the water level is

Next stop was the Mae Pha Haen reservoir

Not as far down from capacity as the last one but not full either

I wonder whats cooking in there

I put a few new dirt tracks on the map today.
Todays dirt/unpaved co ordinates were
N18.74413 E099.24005 to N18.73901 E099.23859
N18.74267 E099.23792 to N18.74516 E099.25591
N18.66113 E099.29042 back to N18.66113 E099.29042
N18.63400 E099.28533 back to N18.63400 E099.28533
N18.59458 E099.28703 back to N18.59458 E099.28703
N18.60782 E099.27695 to N18.61010 E099.27460

There was quite a stench around here and I was guessing it was either a pig farm or a sewage works

Once I turned the engine off I could hear the pigs squealing, this pig farm at N18.74077 E099.25356 was only about 500 metres from the 1229 but its a dead end so I had to turn around to find a way through

This one is pissing into the water which I am sure they will all drink

The 1229 has some fantastic curves and its recently been resurfaced with this lovely asphalt

Now off on this unmapped track to find a reservoir that I can see on my GPS map

An unknown reservoir

With a single track running to the right, I didnt bother following it

A slight overflow on this one

Exploring another unmapped dirt track

After meeting this person I ride on a bit but it was very wet and muddy going through the woods and my bald rear tyre wasnt coping with it very well so I turned back, how far the track went is something to find out another day

I take a paved road off the 2031 that turns to dirt and at the tracks end I find this unknown reservoir at N18.59943 E099.32111

This one has more water overflowing out of it

A few water crossings now

My new Canon camera that cost $100 is not bad, the above photo is without zoom

With zoom

Zoomed in a bit more, it had used all its optical zoom and was on digital too now

The end of another track, beautiful scenery out here today

Gai Laila for breakfast and dinner today, 40 Baht for this tasty dish

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  1. Hi Roger


    Yes google earth shows it as the Huai Bon.

    Dont worry Roger I eat a fresh onion a day plus lots of fruit

  2. BTW – your “unknown reservoir at N18.59943 E099.32111” appears on my old gps maps (but not my new ones!). Apparently on the mae bon (river) very near it’s source. It’s a tributary of the mae tha. It’s very clear on Google Earth.

  3. Hello Colin, You seem to be back to enjoying yourself in the sunshine. The rainy season seems to have made an abrupt and early stop. No rain in Kan for the last two weeks either so the flooded fields should be drying out by the time I arrive on 15th. However here in London the rainy season continues unabated! Never mind I’ll soon be casting off my woolies for a t-shirt and shorts. Happy days. Your trip reports are as entertaining and informative as always. Do try and eat more veg though! Cheers.

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