Dec 302009

The route 1001, 1323, 107, 1150, 1346, 107, 1150, 1001

Total distance 337 km

I took the 1001 out of town and once you are about twenty five km out the road quietens right down and its a pleasant ride

The 1001 is a well surfaced good fun road

I take a left onto the 1323 to ride this road back to the 107

I have never noticed these before

I reach the 107 and turn right onto it, this picture is taken from the Chiang Dao bypass. I am surprised by how cold it is along the 107 when in the shade

I take a right onto the 1150

I dont know what it was with these two, they were both talking on their mobile phones from the 107 and both riding along at about 30 kph, I passed them a few times and each time I stopped they both came past together still talking on their mobile phones

A great bit of road along here that some of us enjoyed on the boxing day ride

I climb up some steep steps and at the top I find these workers

Their dogs soon run over

Mrs angry

But this one was much nicer

What are these crops I wonder


Some good views from up here

Now to climb back down these steep steps

I take a left onto the 1346

Another great road that I will never tire off

Great scenery along here as well as a good fun ride

I reach the 107 and turn left onto it, not far along and I am stopped and very thoroughly searched at a checkpoint. The contents of my panniers were carefully checked and I was patted down, no problems and everybody was very polite as normal. The 107 is a great road along this section but everytime I approached the long S bends theres a long line of tin boxes with a real slow twat at the front holding everything up

I turn left onto the 1150 to enjoy it twice today plus avoiding any more of the 107

I stop at the PTT/7-11 in Phrao and talk with these Thais from Chiang Mai, one of them was Tum from Yamaha. It was the first time that I have ever met him and a very pleasant knowledgeable informative guy he is to

Its the 1001 back home now

Another good days ride

Tandoori chicken and garlic naan bread tonight at New Delhi Indian Restaurant for 190 Baht

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