Jan 122009

The route 107, 1150, 1346, 109, 118

Total distance 371 km

I took the 107 out of town, not something I will rush to do again, it was about 40 km before I started to enjoy it. I was getting cold and for the first time since I bought them the waterproof liners were put back inside my airflow riding clothes, that made life a bit more comfortable and they stayed in there all day

I take a right onto the 1150, a much nicer road

Its been a while since I last rode the 1150 west of Phrao and a really enjoyable experience it was too

I take a left onto the 1346 and spot this virtually straight away

What a difference a dry day makes, todays ride was much nicer than boxing days, no sliding around today

A really enjoyable good fun road with next to no traffic

At the junction with the 107 I turn right and ride on until I take a right onto the 109

Time for a break and a snack

Its only my second time on this road and a very good one it is too

At the junction with the 118 I turn right and ride back to Chiang Mai

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