Jan 052009

The route 118, 3005, unknown, 1252, 4009, unknown, 1035, 1039, 11, 2031, 1229, 1006, 1317

Total distance362 km

It was the 118 out of town then a right onto the 3005

The 3005 is always a pleasure to ride with good views on offer

After 9 km I take a left to ride to the Chae-Sorn National Park

This is a twisty slow going road

Good scenery if a little hazy

So green and in places dark under the trees, I reach the NP entrance and tell them I am going to Lampang so get let straight through

I reach the 1252 and turn right onto it for only a short while then take a left onto the 4009

This is a good fun twisty road

I come to a t junction and take the left

I stop at a village and plenty of needlework going on here

I ride on and the road gets narrower then ends at a small village so its time to backtrack

Real great scenery on this road

I stay on this road until I reach the 1035 then turn right onto it

I see a road to my right saying Watchalermprakiat so I take it, after about 200 metres I take a right and after 1 km it becomes this dirt track for 4 kms

The Wat

A good view of some hills from here

The bike should be safe with those two guarding it

Very friendly this fellow

I can just make out some buildings up there but cant possibly imagine a road going up there

I was wrong there was a road up to the top and here I am up here

At least they drink Thailands finest water here

A view from the kitchen window, no worries about neighbours up here

A lovely place up here

Mueang Pan in the distance

You would never tire of the views living up here

I ride back down stopping to take pictures on the descent as on the ascent I had to use 1st gear a lot as it was so steep and I didnt want to keep stopping

This was reached in a very short time

It sure was one steep climb

Halfway down and I can see where I was with the dogs

Easy to lose it on this road

In the dead centre of the picture you can just make out where I have been up to

In the centre of this picture are two spires even higher up but I certainly wasnt going to go looking for the steps to climb up there

Now the dirt track back to the 1035

Back on the 1035 heading towards Lampang

The 1035 has a good few curves and is in good condition

The 1035 leads me to the 1039 then its highway 11 for about 25 km then a right onto the 2031 which unfortunately hasnt been completely resurfaced, theres still a few crappy parts. At its finish I take the 1229 then the 1006 and 1317 back to Chiang Mai, a good fun ride today and a couple of new roads for me as well

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