Nov 042009

The route 118, 1252, 1287, 1035, 1335, unknown, 1035, 1039, 5017, 2031, 1229, 1006, 1317

Total distance 317 km

It was an 11.30 start this morning, late for me but I overslept. I took the 118 out of town for about 45km then a right onto the 1252 to take in the lovely green scenery along this very pleasant route

Whilst taking this picture I heard a crash and my bike had fallen over, bad parking on my part, a badly bent front brake lever plus a few scratches was the only damage, probably only 100 Bahts worth of repairs needed anyway

Its very fresh up here and a bit more clothing will be going on soon

No sign of this rather large pot hole being repaired yet, the road was not in its best state for quite a way, lots of loose gravel plus places where attention is needed

Photos like the above make up for any road shortcomings though

At the end of the 1252 its a left onto the 1287 and a few kms later its a right onto the 1035 for a couple of kms then a left onto the 1335. Here and there the surface is loose but its a pleasant ride along here

I ride up to the Kaew Lom Dam for a look

I carry on along the 1335 and just before Hwy1 I take a right and onto some unnumbered small roads. A few places where the rice has been flattened along here. I finally reach the 1035 and turn left onto it towards Lampang then its the 1039 to Hang Chat

At Hang Chat I head towards Khuntan National Park and along here I see a sign saying its the 5017

This is definitely the greenest that I have ever seen it along here

Just before I reach the 2031 and the light is beginning to go now. I turn right onto the 2031 and at its end take a left onto the 1229 to Mae On, here its a left onto the 1006 then a few kms further a left onto the 1317 back to Chiang Mai

I ride to Miguels to enjoy a delicious giant burrito and chat with Kevin(Fishenough)

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