Dec 302008

The route 118, 1252, 1287, 1035, 1335, unnumbered, 1035, 1039, 5017, 2031, 1229, 1006, 1317

Total distance 316 km

I took the 118 out of town, this is a great road once past Doi Saket

I take a right onto the 1252

The road is a favourite but unfortunately right now its pot holed in places plus theres loose gravel all over the place and caution is required

But the scenery is as stunning as usual

Its still lush and green

Must be a good signal up here, she was chatting away for ages

The hole as Ally photographed recently

This one wont be fixed for a while

A great little narrow road this one is

I love this roller coaster near the 1252s end

I do a left onto the 1287 and at the junction with the 1035 its a right

I do a left onto the 1335

Another good fun road thats in good condition

More great scenery plus next to no traffic on here

Some real great bends here as well

I take a right and ride to the Keaw Lom Dam, theres water flowing downstream

A bits being let out, on inspection I see that this dam is full to capacity

I ride on towards highway 1 then do a right onto some unnumbered back roads to Lampang

These roads are a mix of tarmac and concrete

I reach the 1035 and do a left, this takes me to the 1039 and through Hang Chat and here I take the 5017 to Khun Tan

Not far along here on a sharp corner is a new road

It says Elephant Conservation Centre 6 km so I guess its another entrance

So green through here

Highway 11 would have been quicker but no lovely views like this to be had there

I reach the junction with the 2031 and turn right, I am pleased to be able to report that all the resurfacing is now complete all the way to its end at the 1229/1230 junction, hopefully its also complete in the opposite direction to highway 11.
At the 2031 finish its a left onto the 1229 then the 1006 and 1317 back to Cnx, this is a good day trip out from Cnx

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