Jan 072010

The route 107, 1178, 1340, Unknown, 1249, 107

Total distance 226 km

I woke up this morning to rain, typical I thought on the day that I want to move out of town, it eased and I left about 9.30am. Near Mae Rim it started pissing down and a break was required for about fifteen minutes, it eased and I carried on, by the time I reached Mae Taeng the roads were bone dry

Along the Chiang Doi bypass the view of the mountain to the left was obscured by cloud

I take a left onto the 1178 and its starting to brighten up a bit

These friendly youngsters all wanted their picture taken

At Lin Luang checkpoint I take a right onto the 1340

At Arunothai I take the road up to the Burmese border at Kiew Pha Wok but its completely closed to everybody now

A photo sticking the camera through the gates shows further locked gates ahead

Theres an Immigration Office here but only Thais and Burmese are permitted to cross according to the Immigration Official

The start of the lovely ride towards Doi Ang Khan

Fantastic scenery up along here

I stop at a viewpoint for pictures and a break

These two were in a minibus travelling fron Bangkok for a tour around here

More of this good fun road

The bikes fully laden for a two and a half months road trip again

I take an unnumbered road towards Ban Nor Lae

I stop at the Army camp at the border at Ban Nor Lae, here the dogs are snarling at times

The Burmese camp on the hill a bit further along the road

Another Burmese camp not far from the other one

I ride on but about one km further there is a barrier and I am told that I can not ride any further. I say that I wish to ride this way to Fang but I am told that this is now not possible

I guess these are the only times that you can enter. Its been two years since I last rode here and this barrier has never been here on any of my previous numerous rides along here

A picture from the barrier is the closest that I get to riding here today. Has anyone else encountered being turned back here lately? I certainly dont remember reading any trip reports about the road not being accessible

There was no option but to turn around and ride back, I noticed this water running and wondered how long the pipe is as its a long way to the hills

I guess that I will just have to tolerate riding back up this twisty hill that I have just rode down

Its not all bad, at least I get to ride the 1249, last time I rode this I was two up on the Bm and the front brake overheated and failed, today thankfully this didnt happen

Its just hairpins galore down the steep hill

It didnt rain anymore but the sun never really came out and it was a bit chilly

Great views descending the 1249, I reach the 107, turn left and ride to Fang

I check in at my usual, the Wiengkyeaw Hotel where the price of the cheap rooms has gone up from 120 to 150 Baht per night since I last visited two years ago. There are bungalows with hot water for 250 Baht or rooms upstairs with hot water for 200 Baht or the downstairs rooms with cold water for 150 Baht

This dog at the hotel looks relaxed enough

Time to eat and Birds Bar has always been my restaurant of choice when in Fang

Porksteak, fries, onions and red peppers for 90 Baht

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