Nov 102013

The route 118, 1001

Total distance 212 km

The riders
Bob Kawasaki KLX250
Gary Honda CRF250
Mark Kawasaki KLX250
Colin Kawasaki KLX250

Bob, Gary and myself met up at Riders Corner and here we are just out of Chiang Mai along the 118, its a noticeably cooler ride this morning compared to what i was experiencing on this weeks other rides

At Mae Khachan we meet up with Mark and after a fuel top up its time to get going on the exciting bit

We stop at the overflowing reservoir, possibly its called the Huay Mae

Its looking good already

We encounter some stretches where the surface hasnt dried up and its a bit slippery at times

Sadly the day will come when this is a fully paved route, hopefully not for many years though

These kids are having fun letting off fire crackers

Finally its time to get the wheels wet

This is all that remains of this place that was open when I did this trip on my Wave or Phantom a few years back

Finally we reach the iron bridges

On this crossing a rock halts Gary’s progress, fortunately the waters’s not deep enough to drown the bike and it starts straight away

It was a fun trip and my first time riding with Bob and mark, it was my first offroad ride with Gary too.
At the 1001 it was time to part our ways with Gary anf myself riding back to Chiang Mai while Bob and Mark went in the other direction

Gary, his girlfriend and myself ate at Kai Laila

A roti was enjoyed too, thanks for dinner Gary


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