Nov 082010

The Route 118, 1252, 1287, 1035, 1335, Unknown, 4207, 1035, 1039, 4052, 5017, 2031, 1229, 1006, 1317
Total Distance 342 km

Out of town along the 118 stopping at one of the streams along the way

After about fifty km its a right onto the 1252

It sure is beautiful up here at this time of year

I stop a village and its a very friendly atmosphere here

But unfortunately not from the dog

I really liked these elephant chairs

These guys really have got their work cut out as the 1252 is badly in need of repairs

What they are cutting down will no doubt soon be going up in smoke

At another village its time for a stop once again

I think her washing will soon be thoroughly dry

I have always thoroughly enjoyed riding along the 1252 and the loose surface doesnt detract from my enjoyment in the slightest

How can it with scenery like this

The surveyors are out and hopefully they are commissioning a brand new surface from start to end

A little further along and I come across my first snake of the season

No idea what it is but theres no aggressiveness from it, with snakes unless they carry a sticker saying “I am not venemous” I always assume they are unless I know for certain that they are not

For the last couple of years there has been a massive landslip here, finally its been repaired and they have done a wonderful job too

In a years time when everything has had time to grow it should look great

This is what it looked like two years ago

Now to enjoy the rest of good curves along the 1252 on a much better surface

I reach the end of the 1252 and turn left onto the 1287

Stopping at the river for a break

Looks like a fire in the distance, at the 1287s end I turn right onto the 1035 for a few km

Then its a left onto the great 1335

Great scenery

Plus an awesome road make todays route one of my favourites

I drop in for my usual look at the Kio Lom Dam

Virtually full to capacity by the look of it

I ride on taking a right onto an unnumbered road just before reaching hwy 1, this merges with the 4207 and ends at the 1035. Here I take a left and ride towards Lampang then taking the 1039 to Hang Chat where I stop at this brand new 7-11

I ride towards Khuntan along the 4052 and spot this shelter that looks like its seen its best days

Lovely and green along here

A bit of loose gravel right here but by and large its a good surface

Quite a lot of water around too

Along here the road now becomes the 5017, but the scenery doesnt change

The Kids are on their way home, no school bus out in these parts

In a couple of years time I expect they will have graduated to a motorbike

I happen across my second snake of the day

If I am not mistaken this one is a cobra

Its a very patient one as its not aggresive at all despite my repeated blocking of its path for photos

Time to let it slither away which it quickly does

I ride on enjoying the lovely ride through here

I stop at the Huay Nam Pep Waterfall

I am nearing the 2031 where I take a right then its the 1229, 1006 and 1317 back to CNX

Dinner was at Dukes, kindly bought for me by Pico, I enjoyed the pork spare ribs

Pico, his lovely Lady Sao, BobS and myself all had a lovely meal, thank you very much Pico

Get the gdb file here …

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