Jan 202011

The route 327, Hwy 4, 3117, 1006, 1008

Total distance 225 km

I headed out of town along the 327 then took hwy 4 west, hwy 4 is now a single carriageway with curves thats a pleasure to ride and not too much traffic as that is now heading down the 41

I take a left onto the 3117 and ride 3.5 km to the Chum Saeng waterfall at N10.30.030 E098.53.029 but only a trickle of water is coming down now

Theres more water flowing from those sprinklers

I ride a few km further along hwy 4 then take a right onto the 1006 and this road mainly runs alongside the Kra Buri river which is the Thailand/Burma border

One of the locals hooking some fruit out from the tree

This road is a real good find and today is my first time along here

Notice how much clearer the air is compared to a couple of days ago and 300 km north from here

After 27 km of this fun road the asphalt finishes at N10.42.676 E098.48.721

I ride along the dirt track for 0.7 km to N10.42.899 E098.48.781 where this cat comes out to greet me

Its a very friendly cat and gives me a guided tour around

They even have a solar panel here

As I am moving between towns I have all my luggage with me and riding a bumpy dirt track like that with a fully laden Phantom is not my idea of fun so I will explore further north at some other time

The Kra Buri river and Burma in the background

Time to ride back and what a great road with good views this road turned out to be

At the Isthmus of Kra and lots of rubbish flowing up the river

A boat comes thundering down river

I take a left onto the 1008 to ride to the Bok Kai waterfall

Its a nice road with good views and after 9.4 km at N10.22.527 E098.51.273 I reach a barrier only about 50 metres from the waterfall which wasnt here two years ago.
The girl on it wanted 200 Baht to let me in, I pointed to a sign saying 20 Baht but underneath it said Foreigners 10 times the Thai price which she pointed to, I told her to stick it up her arse and turned around, it would only have been a trickle of water over stones anyway

Another shot of the twisty hwy 4

Further along hwy 4 roadside at N10.03.903 E098.40.211 its the Pun Ya Ban waterfall and this one is free

Not an awful lot of water

These fancy a swim, from here I ride on to Ranong.
I go to where I stayed last visit two years ago but the price has gone from 100 to 500 Baht per night so it was time to find an alternative place to stay

I check in at the Rattana Sin Hotel at N09.57.899 E098.38.027 for 200 Baht virtually opposite my previous place, this place is good value, a big clean room with a comfortable bed

My own private toilet and shower, its only cold water but when I took a shower at 16.00 hours I had to let the water run a long time before it was cool enough to enjoy

The room rates, later on I looked at the rooms at the other place where they had put the price right up and I noticed with a lot of satisfaction that all of their rooms were empty whereas where I am staying now there are 30 rooms and only one was left after I checked in

Then it was off to Sophons Hideaway at N09.58.078 E098.37.997 to eat, my pizza being prepared

This Burmese girl in her 30s spoke good English and was very helpful, all the workers in this restaurant are Burmese

This is her 14 year old sister who I thought should still be at school, but no school for her shes a full time worker here too

My pizza arrives and at 195 Baht it was good value too.
Get the gdb file here …

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