Mar 132009

The route 327, Hwy 4, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 4007, 3459, Hwy 4

Total distance 243 km

I took the 327 out to hwy 4 and rode for about 20 km before taking a right onto the 3201 and riding to Pathio

Its a great relief to be off that infernal highway, these roads are good fun and well surfaced too

At Pathio I take the 3253 which has good scenery plus nice sections like this to ride on

I take a right onto the 3411

Not much traffic along these roads, thankfully most of it stays on hwy 4

Having these fun back roads certainly relieves the otherwise boredom of having to use hwy 4

I reach a crossroads and go straight over, the road is now the 3374. I stop for a snack and whilst eating I notice that this little old Yamaha has had its seat re covered

They were laughing as I took the photo but I didnt manage to get the phone number of whoever carries out this work, probably a cheaper alternative though

I ride to Bang Saphan and here take the 4007 which goes to the 3459, I turn left onto it then after a few km I reach hwy 4 and theres no alternative than to take hwy 4 for the rest of the way

A 60 Baht pepper steak quickly followed by another at the restaurant opposite KFC

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